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Kimsonic Trading Co., Ltd incorporated in Cambodia 2012 and Nigeria 2014, is an established trading company specialized in Business Sourcing, Products, Export and import of Cloths, African Food Stuff, and General goods.

Characteristic of our Business Style

Wide-range of Products (especially Export and import of Cloths , Products, and African's Food Stuff)

 As a trading company, we are ready to deliver wide-range of products from all over the world to meet all our valued customers' requirements.

 Global / Overseas Network

Make it possible to provide our customers with the most on-time services and suitable information from all over the world

 Highly Experienced Staffs

 Together with our long time business relationship suppliers from globally, we are ready to provide our customers with the highest quality & variety of products, and also the highest quality of customer service

Name it , have it.

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